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City seeks public input on Open Data policy


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The City of Colorado Springs is seeking public input on a draft policy to govern the release and accessibility of City-held data through a new Open Data program. Examples of City-held data are things like City financial information, vendor and procurement data, businesses licenses, traffic and infrastructure project data, service requests, code violations, public safety statistics, GIS and more. The policy is being developed to support the City’s commitment to open government, transparency, civic engagement and innovation, while appropriately safeguarding protected and sensitive information.

The City of Colorado Springs is collecting public input through December 1 on several aspects of the Open Data program:

  • High-priority datasets: What City-held data is the public most interested in being published?
  • Role of the public in data publication: How should the public be involved in choosing data to be published?
  • Redaction and privacy: Aside from legal protections, what concerns does the public have about the publication of City-held data?
  • Technical presentation of data: For data scientists, how should the data be hosted and presented to best facilitate its use?

View the draft policy and provide input

The policy is being developed with support from the Sunlight Foundation through the What Works Cities initiative. Colorado Springs is one of 95 cities partnering with What Works Cities, which aims to improve the effectiveness of local governments by enhancing the use of data and evidence.

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